Istanbul mobility

The mobility team of our school arrived in Istanbul on Sunday, the 4th of May 2014; the teachers from the partner schools met in an initial working meeting. They discussed about: the accomodation of the Polish and Romanian students in Turkish hosting families and the objectives of the next two days of activities planned in order to discover the specificity of Esenyurt, a neighborhood in the suburbs. It's about the area were the hosting school is located. Thus, on Monday and Tuesday we familiarized with the socio-cultural problems specific to the marginal area of Istanbul and we participated to interesting activities organized by the host school in partnership with the Students' Parents and Grandparents Association.

- on Monday, 5th May, we met at school with our partners. the host school organized the first day programme at school ( speeches,school introduction videos, performance shows, integration students' activities). The students from the partner schools presented a traditional music and dance performance specific to their countries. The coordinators of the partner schools met the headmaster of the host school. At the same time the participant teachers had an interesting pedagogic experience exchange with the teachers from the host school.

- On Tuesday, 6th of May, the students and the teachers participated to interactive English, History, Arts lessons delivered by the host school; Another activity was the photo contest "My Magic Place": from the photos selected by each partner school for this final stage of the contest, a jury chose three winning photos that belonged to the Polish . The students' parents Association organized a demonstrative presentation of traditional Turkish dishes, prepared in a traditional way in the Turkish homes. Another two specific Turkish activities were "Colouring our each others hands with 'Kına' ( Henna)" and "Learn more about <Art of Marbling>'"

The second part, the next 3 days, of this Reunion had as main objectives the discover of the old history of Constantinople, understanding the effects of the its conquest and of the religious, ethnic and cultural problems of the old and the modern Istanbul. These objectives of the Istanbul reunion have a close connection with the project theme and objectives. In this direction, we focused our activities toward the lanmarks of the are called Old Town"Sultan Ahmet". The students visited and discussed about information received at HARBIYE MILITARY MUSEUM, THE HISTORY MUSEUM OF CONQUEST- PANORAMA1453, TOPCAPI PALACE, HAGIA SOFIA, BLUE MOSQUE and the ARENA.

The objectives of the second part of this Reunion were achieved through the organization, by our host partners, of some relevant moments for the traditional Turkish life: students' familiarization with the traditional Turkish cooking style (Turkistan Asevi); the performance of Old Traditional Orchestra from Ottoman Period's Time and Ottoman period dance show "Wild Tulip" in the traditional location "Hodjeapasha". The key words for the Tukish Mobility were: LEGEND, MAGIC, CIVILISATION CROSSROADS.
The Mobility finished with a teachers’ work meeting to draw conclusions of the second project mobility and also to plan the future project stages.

(The days of 4th May and the day of 10th May were reserved for the arrival and departure of the groups within Mobility.)