Gimnazjum no 3 in Torun (Primary School) - Web-site

Gimnazjum no 3 in ToruĊ„ (Poland) is situated in a town of about 220 000 inhabitants which is one of the biggest university centers in Poland, but on the other hand, it is endangered with unemployment due to a lack of huge industry. Apart from that, the town is a tourist destination, because it is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Our school is one of the biggest and the best in the region; there are about 800 students, of both sexes, aged 12-16. Students of our school come from families of various background and standard of life - there are well-off families as well as coping with financial problems. Some students and their families receive help from the state.

There are many very talented students as well as those with problems and special needs.

Students at our school do English, German and French. The main foreign language which is taught here is English. Our students' English level is mainly pre-intermediate and their German and French level is a bit lower.

Our school is one of the best in the region. The results of final exams of our students are usually above the average level of our country. Our students have possibilities of taking part in many after-school activities such as: choir, sport, drama circle, journalist circle, IT and science circles. Many students are involved in volountary work.

There are a lot of very enthusiastic students willing to learn new things and get involved in any kind of multicultural and international cooperation.