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Petru Poni School of Iasi, Romania, is a small primary school - ab out 400 pupils (pre-schoolers and elementary pupils) - situated on the intersection between an outskirt neighbourhood and the town center of Iasi. The position of the school influences its heterogeneous structure: from children who come from good socio-cultural environments, favorable to the development of child’s education – having thus the background of a good educational evolution – to children who come from various areas, with precarious socio-cultural conditions, or with special educational needs: very poor families, families with a precarious level of education, families of migrant workers, single-parents families, and children with disabilities.

Being an INCLUSIVE school, its vision and mission are “open-minded”, and its motto is WE ARE EACH PUPIL’S FRIENDS! In this context, Petru Poni School has distinguished itself in the community through its politics of education opened towards the community, centered on LLL education. The partnerships are an essential component of this politics of education, not only on a local level (of the town, regional, or national), but also on an international level.

During this school year, a number of 40 students from our school along with their parents take part to an interesting project entitled “Partnership for my child – a supporting educative program for students at risk to leave school early as well as for their parents” – POSDRU ID 62183.This project is financed by the European Social Fund and its aim is to favor the development of a pro-education mentality at students and their parents, so that these students with learning shortcomings could be able to keep themselves as balanced as possible in the educative system, limiting, thus, the risk of an early leaving of school.

Our opening to the idea of this new Comenius partnership is a proof that our school tries to correlate its programs for a more efficient long term impact onto the school – student – community relationship.

So, we expect from this Comenius project:
- To search and to offer to our pupils new interactive methods and activities, efficients for their education, especialy for their education in the spirit of the needs and of the values of the our european /national /local community.
- To change ideas and experiences with our European partners from this project, especially in the motivation and the support offered to pupils with special educational needs.

Our partners in this project: Căminul de Bătrâni „Sf. Împărați Constantin și Elena” Iași