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Demographically, Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey and is at the crossroads of two continents. It is an important port city as well as on the way to important trade routes that have passed across the city for hundreds of years. Every year many people from other regions of Turkey immigrate to the city, especially for economic reasons. Economic and social integration of these new inhabitants to urban life is one of the most important problems of Istanbul. Our school is placed in Esenyurt district of Istanbul, in which economically and socially disadvantaged immigrant families live.
Esenyurt is also one of the worst affected areas of immigration. Because of this immigration every year a lot of students are being the members of school life. For example in this year-2012- nearly 30000 pupils entranced to a school in our district. This immigration caused a great deal of damage especially children’s motivıation towards education. We can clearly notice the negative effects of this fact in behaviours of our students.
Children of migrant workers constitute a considerable percentage of our students. Unfortunately, economic difficulties negatively affect inter-family relations. Consequently, the standard of living is in the process of deterioration and, thus, there is a growing number of students who need financial help from school and social institutions. Children have begun to loose their sense of security in an economic and social environment that produces and reproduces ambiguities and uncertainties. Numerous pedagogical problems are natural consequences of such a situation.
While working on the project these students will get the chance of improving their self-confidence and their importance within our school. And they proved that they were able to rise a challenge, were open-minded and motivated.
Our region is a disadvantaged one. There is a very low economic level, so most of our pupils are at risk of social exclusion. So we would like to broaden our knowledge about other countries in Europe. And of course. Our pupils, who are at the age between 7 and 14, want to improve their English knowledge. we, our pupils and also our district realy need an effective project like comenius projects to get a liittle hope for future.